Luka Dončič postavil občino Lendava na svetovni zemljevid

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“Iskrena Hvala Luka Doncic za objavo! Smo izredno veseli in počaščeni ter upamo da vas bomo lahko v bližnji prihodnosti tudi gostili v našem mestu! 🥰😍❤️ / Köszönjük a bejegyzést!”, se bere zahvala na fb strani Občine Lendava.

Občina Lendava je tako svoje izjemne destinacije zapisala na “svetovni zemljevid” in poskrbela, da bo njena zelena preobrazba prepoznana in obiskana.

Luka Doncic Slovenian Athlete

Discover Slovenia with Luka: Lendava 🇸🇮🇸🇮

Lendava spreads over the far east of Slovenia and is situated near the Slovenian-Hungarian and Slovenian-Croatian border. It lies not far from the river Mura. 🌅

The old town centre will fascinate you with its rich history, archaeological heritage, legacy of the Bánffy family and the life of Jews, which is reflected in the economic and social development of the town. Today, Lendava is a modern multinational and multicultural town, every day attracting more and more visitors. 🌁

The tourist wine road running through Lendava hills will take you on the path of fascinating cultural heritage, where the tradition of wine culture and picturesque vineyards intertwine. 🍇

The water pearls in Lendava are embraced by vineyards and the unspoiled nature of the Pannonian Plain. The lively surroundings are sure to help you actively experience the natural landscape. 🌾

A uniqueness of our culinary offer is the combination of Prekmurje and Hungarian culinary traditions, evident in the Prekmurje gibanica, dödöli, tünka meat, bujta repa, retaši, etc. 🥔🍖🍷

Lendava breathes with sports, given that it is abundant in a variety of sporting and recreational activities. Sports fans feel at home here, as well as those living for sports, and the opportunities for sporting and recreational participation are inexhaustible here in all seasons. 🚴💚

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